Utilities & Energy

Smart solutions for a better society

Cities and utility organizations are confronted with the significant challenge of advancing sustainability. Many governmental and semi-governmental institutions are leveraging the Clappform platform to conduct simulations within the built environment.


Utilizing machine learning for predictive analysis can elevate the intelligence of your business applications. Nevertheless, in practice, this remains a complex task, and numerous data science teams confront similar challenges.

Energy Transition

Attaining a deep understanding of the energy transition in diverse municipalities and implementing appropriate measures.

Energy Simulations

Leveraging AI and ML, we conduct simulations within energy networks, business parks, or cities. Our DataTransit project enables us to perform these simulations effectively. 

Energy Label (AI/ML)

With our comprehensive datasets and advanced AI/ML scripting, we can accurately forecast energy labels for residential properties.

Healthy Building Environment

Oversee and optimize the overall building environment, encompassing social well-being and physical conditions.

Clappform's intelligent solutions give you access to critical location analytics in your buildings, regions, and urban centers. We allow the creation of secure, sustainable, and healthy living environments by converting data from hardware, such as sensors, into valuable insights using powerful artificial intelligence technology. 

Utility & Energy Companies

Business Parks 

Clappform initiated the project to assess the energy transition within commercial premises, employing a combination of measures and AI/ML algorithms. The platform allows for the calculation of various scenarios and provides customization options for end-users through a flexible interface. This project, originally named DataTransit, has received support from the Province of North Holland.

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