Social living corporation 

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Clappform offers a solution for social living corporations to improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods. By using one of our AI solutions, vulnerable neighborhoods can be monitored and future analyses can be carried out, creating a livable environment for everyone.

Social living corporation applications

Forecasts based on machine learning can make your business applications smarter. However, this is still difficult in practice and many data scientist teams experience similar difficulties:

Liveability Monitor

Identify vulnerable neighborhoods, monitor real-time, and improve liveability. 

Sustainability Monitor 

Get insight into the sustainability of your neighborhood. 

Customer Lifetime 

Accelerate the flow chain and match tenants more efficiently. 

Flow through 

Detect different types of fraud and improve accessibility. 

Optimalization of housing flow

Start with the acceleration of the flow in the housing market. Get the chain optimisation going and improve the flow- through rate. Identify empty nesters and presorted, and see how the relocation chain can be optimised. Compare the current situation with the new situation on housing costs, financial data, housing characteristics and facilities in the neighbourhood and gain insight into the mutation rate. 

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Social living solutions

Using real-time insights and predictive analyses, neighborhoods can be designed more efficiently, and recommendations can be made on how to improve the quality of life in vulnerable neighbourhoods. Real-time monitoring allows you to perform multiple analyses in the areas of maintenance, safety, integration, mutation complaints, and livability. Impact analysis gives you a better understanding of key variables and different forecasts to ensure that your daily operations are continuously improved. 

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