Banks & Finance

Everything you need in one user-friendly system.

Clappform Banks & Finance uses smart systems and AI to give you insight into the financing of the real estate market and insight into the real estate market itself. 

This not only saves you time on simple tasks, but also allows you to work more effectively.

Banks & Finance applications

Forecasts based on machine learning can make your business applications smarter. However, this is still difficult in practice and many data scientist teams experience similar difficulties:

Financial insights

Insight into the financing of real estate properties.

Market research

Research and insights in the real estate market.

Research & Insights

An important element for banks and financiers is the substantiation of the valuation and analyses in the property. A trend of recent years is that more and more other data points are included, such as sustainability criteria. The data from the Clappform system can be used by the research department of banks and financiers to make better informed choices. 

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