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Clappform aids retailers in the seamless integration of diverse data sources, harnessing the power of AI-driven models and algorithms. This integrated platform is valuable to a wide range of businesses. 

Retail Solutions

Utilizing machine learning for predictive analysis can elevate the intelligence of your business applications. Nevertheless, in practice, this remains a complex task, and numerous data science teams confront similar challenges.

Retail Analytics

Anticipate a store's ideal revenue, the influence of physical store presence, and the spending potential of customers. 

Supermarket Intelligence

Gain insights into your prime supermarket locations and optimize your revenue potential.

Logistics & Operations

Streamline logistics and operations through data-driven decision-making and predictive maintenance automation.

If you're keen on exploring our comprehensive integration platform (iPaaS) to harmonize all your internal and external resources in one place, please visit the Connect page for detailed information.

Commercial Analytics

Our retail analytics solution is designed to cater to shopping center owners, shopping street (A1) investors, and supermarket proprietors. It provides a holistic view of essential variables, including trade area calculations and competition analysis. Utilize the application to determine location attractiveness based on both online and offline behavior data (e.g., social media and reviews), and conduct scenario analyses, risk assessments, and financial impact calculations. 


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