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Clappform is a flexible cloud-based platform that makes you the data-driven company you strive to be. It enables advanced data analytics using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) and integrates it into your business processes. 

We are on the cutting edge of automation, artificial intelligence, operational research, and data science. 

Client Projects

We're excited to collaborate with organizations across a spectrum of industries, empowering them to thrive through innovation.

and many more... 

"Artificial Intelligence will become a regular part of a real estate professional's business assets. With the Clappform tool, my employees can use AI on a daily basis in operations to better value real estate properties, determine rent, and complete acquisitions."

Huib Boissevan - CEO Annexum 

Our key Industries

Maximize your support for stakeholders by leveraging real-time insights to make informed decisions. 

Get valuable insights about your assets, portfolio, and spatial environment for both commercial and residential real estate. 

By connecting data sources and creating customized purchasing experiences, you can meet expanding consumer expectations.

Access real-time data, employ cutting-edge systems, and optimize workflows for improved productivity.

Implement digital solutions in your daily procedures to improve patient care, expedite operations, and reduce costs.

Smart cities and buildings are setting the new norm. Centralize data monitoring and management on a single platform.

Clappform offers a dual approach for business and enterprise clients. You can utilize the Clappform platform as an iPaaS solution, extending special user rights to developers. To explore Clappform Connect, simply click on the relevant button. Additionally, we introduce Clappform Consult, where our team of experienced IT and management consultants guides you through software integration and digital transformation. For AI projects, we've introduced Clappform AI, harnessing the latest scientific innovations.

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