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Partners & Alliances

NL AI Coalition

The NL AIC is a public-private partnership in which government, business, educational and research institutions and civil society organizations are committed to accelarate AI developments in the Netherlands and connect AI initiatives in the Netherlands. 

The ambition is to put the Netherlands in a vanguard position in the field of knowledge and application of AI for proserity and welfare. One of the most important goals is to realize impactful AI innovations in at least ten economic and social sectors within three years. For more information, please visit: NL AI coalition. 

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The VU StartHub enables companies to collaborate and connect with entrepreneurial students, researchers, startups, and experts in one of the most innovative ecosystems. By participating in the activities VU Starthub enables, containing the creation of extensive networks, coaching, and marketing activities, companies are able to grow continuously. For more information, please visit: VU. 

Products on the Clappform platform


Realstats is a joint-venture between Treehouse and Clappform. Realstats is the specialist in the real estate industry and number one in providing rental data. Our team of data experts provides the most reliable data sets and data analyses of the Dutch unregulated rental market. We do this by combining data from the two largest rental property portals in the Netherlands, Pararius and, with other reputable and reliable data sources.


The AgroSecre platform help to increase cyber resilience among farmers. AgroSecure focuses on detecting cyber risks through the cyber resilience scan and risk assessments specific to the agricultural sector. This in-depth solution focuses on the current state of cyber risks and is able to warn farmers in time through automatic alerts. 


Woningdoorstroming is the solution to accelerate the flow in the housing market. Get the chain optimisation going and improve the flow- through rate. Identify empty nesters and presorters, and see how the relocation chain can be optimised. Predictive analytics map out the mutation rate and provide real-time insights. 

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