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Clappform enables government bodies to focus on what is most important to them: helping their citizens in the best possible way. We are on the cutting edge of automation, artificial intelligence, operational research, and data science. 

Government applications

Forecasts based on machine learning can make your business applications smarter. However, this is still difficult in practice and many data scientist teams experience similar difficulties:

Municipality scan

Scan the entire environment in your municipality and get access to the latest updates. 

Liveability Monitor

Improve liveability, compare different neighbourhoods, and gain insights into the most important liveability drivers by area.  

Sustainability Monitor

Gain insights into the sustainability of certain neighbourhoods and houses and receive advice on which houses should be invested. 

Residential monitor

Get data-driven insights about your neighborhoods, local places, and physical assets and compare neighborhoods attributes over time. 

Energy transition

Data-driven insight in the energy transition in your municipality based on different kind of data. Monitor energy goals and provide actions. 

Start today with the impact of sustainability in the built environment.  

Monitor the sustainability of your region. Gain insight into the sustainability of your municipality and see how it can be optimized. Make smart choices for the future with an eye for people, the economy, and nature. Support your municipality in making the city more sustainable and greener. 

Municipality scan

Area analyses that have been carried out can help in the process of providing gas-free neighbourhoods. Based on analyses, it is possible to strategically determine how neighbourhoods should be laid out and contribute to climate adaptation. Examples include underground measures, greening the neighbourhood, and additional activities. Our applications help you make analyses and obtain the best advice. 

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