Smart solutions for a better society

Connected societies are becoming increasingly important. Think of SMART cities and SMART buildings. With the Location Analytics app, users can link their data to Clappform to obtain the most valuable insights. Focus on creating a smart, sustainable environment.

SMART Applications

Utilizing machine learning for predictive analysis can elevate the intelligence of your business applications. Nevertheless, in practice, this remains a complex task, and numerous data science teams confront similar challenges.

SMART Cities

Enhance a city's performance and the wellbeing of the citizens. 

SMART Buildings

Collect data from hardware and control your building systems real-time. 

E-fficiency Buildings

Construct sustainable buildings and optimize the wellbeing of the building’s occupants. 

Healthy Building Environment

Regulate the whole building environment, social health, and physical circumstances. 

Energy transition

Insights in the energy transition in different municipalities with appropiate actions. 

Clappform's intelligent solutions empower you to access essential location insights within your buildings, regions, and urban areas. We excel in translating data from hardware, including sensors, into valuable, actionable insights. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, we facilitate the creation of safe, sustainable, and healthy living environments.

SMART Solutions

SMART Buildings

Clappform's intelligent building solution is designed to facilitate comprehensive management of all building systems, including ventilation, heating, noise, temperature, lighting, water quality, and space utilization. With our advanced data analytics, you can achieve enhanced occupancy rates, healthier work environments, cost savings, and energy-efficient office spaces. 


Our smart city solution is tailored for national and local governments, addressing the intricate challenges that cities face, such as air pollution, congestion, safety, and climate change. Clappform empowers governments to gather data from various hardware sources, enabling them to monitor and manage their cities effectively. 


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