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Empower your daily operations with real-time insights through our flexible cloud-based platform. We collaborate with customers across a wide range of industries, facilitating the integration and advancement of AI solutions for smarter, more efficient business processes.

Platform features


Connect with a multitude of public and private data repositories, accessible from anywhere around the world.


Effortlessly integrate data from various external sources with our versatile data connection.

Analytics Engine

An influential analytics engine capable of running a spectrum of analyses, from basic descriptive insights to complex AI algorithms.

AI Workflow

Perform AI functions directly in the cloud. Create, manage, and sustain workflows that take use of artificial intelligence's capabilities.

Access Management

The Clappform platform provides the capability to assign distinct roles and permissions at both the user and data levels.

Versioning Control

In the event of an incident, you have the option of employing version control for your application, which includes the ability to "roll back" to a previous state.

Audit Trail

Our audit trail feature allows real-time monitoring of user activities and system interactions. Quickly identify and rectify mistakes for enhanced accuracy and compliance.


SaaS applications that specialize in robust data management and prioritize a seamless UI/UX design, ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing interface. 

Actionable Insights

We offer a fully integrated digital experience for our clients. Our software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) platform allows you to collect, analyze, monitor, and extract insight from many different sources to solve your challenges across a wide range of industries.

Data Integration

We offer concrete solutions to guide your company through smooth digital integrations. Moving to a cloud-based solution enables you to gain higher-quality data, control your processes, spend less time on administrative work, and get real-time insights.

Analytics Engine

Clappform is your key to unleashing the full potential of your data. Our advanced AI analytics can process both structured and unstructured data, giving you invaluable insights directly within your Clappform application. No more waiting for monthly reports; our user-friendly analytics dashboards provide you with immediate, structured insights. 

AI Workflow

We understand the significance of optimizing your business operations. Leveraging action workflows, you can effectively automate your business processes and attain in-depth insights into your company's performance. Whether it's tracking the status of ongoing projects or managing email notifications, our action workflows guarantee you stay in control and stay ahead of the game. 

Data Visualisation / Export

Clappform offers you the ability to tailor your data presentation to your exact preferences. Your data and insights are presented logically within a user-friendly application adapted to your specific needs. Collaboratively, we'll determine the most effective manner to showcase your data, whether it's through various graphical representations or tables. 

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User stories of the Clappform platform 

In multiple instances, Clappform's platform serves as a white-label software solution.

See some of the whitelabeld products: 


The AgroSecure platform helps to increase cyber resilience among farmers. 


Realstats is the specialist in the real estate industry and number one in providing rental data. 


VIRTICA is the digital twin platform in the built environment to tackle social problems. 


Woningdoorstroming is the solution to accelerate the flow in the housing market. 

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