Our analytics platform. 

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Our flexible cloud-based platform enables you to get real-time insights into your daily operations. With our platform, we help customers in all different industries to integrate and develop AI solutions to make their business processes smarter.  

Platform features

Clappform is active in the following industries 


Connect with thousands of public and private data sources. Accessible anywhere globally. 


Data connection that allows for easy data integration with all kinds of external sources.  

 Analytics Engine

A powerfull engine to run your analytics that can vary from descriptive analytical to complex AI algorithms.

AI Workflow

Run AI directly in the cloud. Create, manage, and maintain workflows that enable the power of AI. 

Acces Management

Has the possibility to give different roles and authorizations on the Clappform platform at the user and data level. 

Versioning control

In case of an incident, version control of your application is possible in the form of a “roll-back”. 

Audit Trial

Logging files of the activities on the platform to measure, monitor, and evaluate user behavior. In case of an incident used as root-cause analysis.


Powerful SaaS applications, with a focus on data and a visual, easy-to-use user interface.

Actionable insights.

We offer a fully integrated digital experience for our clients. Our software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) platform allows you to collect, analyze, monitor, and extract insight from many different sources to solve your challenges across a wide range of industries.

Data integration

We offer concrete solutions to guide your company with smooth digital integrations. Moving to a cloud-based solution enables you to gain higher quality data, control your processes, spend less time on administrative work, and get real-time insights.

Analytics Engine

Clappform helps you to extract maximum value from your data. Our advanced AI analytics analyze both structured and unstructured data, enabling you to obtain valuable insights from all your systems, presented in your Clappform application. You no longer need to rely on monthly reports instead of using our straightforward analytic dashboards to provide you with structured insights.

AI Workflow

At Clappform, we understand the value of automating your business processes. With Clappform Workflow, you can automate your business processes and know exactly how your business is doing. From tackling the status of all ongoing projects in your company to sending out e-mail notifications - Clappform Workflow will make sure you will always stay on top of things.

Data visualisation / export

Clappform enables you to view your data the exact way you want it. Your data and insights are visualized in one easy-to-use application tailored to your specific needs. Together, we will find the best way to present your data in any type of graph or table.  

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Clappform is active within the real estate industry at several social living corporations in the Netherlands. We have a special focus on data and analysis of liveability and inclusion in the neigbhourhoods.  

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