Residential Real estate

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Get valuable insights out of your data with an integrated platform for all functionalities. Track market changes, predict rental prices and get the best information on your portfolio at any time. 

Residential real estate applications

Forecasts based on machine learning can make your business applications smarter. However, this is still difficult in practice and many data scientist teams experience similar difficulties:

ERV prediction

Estimated Rental Value (ERV) model. To provide insights into the residential rental market.


Automated Valuation model. To predict and automate the process of valuations of assets. 

Area intelligence

Area analytics gives you the insights in the area of your real estate assets. 

Tenant Matching

Predict lease-up time, mutation grade and potential of new tenants. 

"Artificial Intelligence will become a regular part of a real estate professional's business assets. With the Clappform tool, my employees can use AI on a daily basis in operations to better value real estate properties, determine rent, and complete acquisitions." 

Huib Boissevain - CEO Annexum

Power of the AI model

Our application helps your real estate company to get insights from the data. The predictive model analyzes patterns in the data from your assets to predict future outcomes. Using the predictive model allows you to maximize lease-up time, calculate the optimal rental value, compare different assets and give you the best information at any time. 


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