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With Clappform you can extract valuable insights from your data. We give you access to the right tools, giving you better insights into your processes. This way you can benefit from forecasts and recommendations that are fully tailored to the specific needs of your business. Moreover, our tools will also enable you to automate many processes. 

Residential real estate

Use data from your residential assets to make (rental price) predictions, receive recommendations and automate and facilitate processes. 

Commercial real estate

Use your data’s full potential with our AI algorithms. With our commercial real estate solution, we can help you to optimize revenues and predict maximal turnover rates. 

Social living corporation

With our solution, we can help social living corporations to improve the quality of life in all neighborhoods. Detect vulnerable neighborhoods, monitor real-time, and provide future analyses. 

Whitepaper - Impact of Artificial intelligence in the Real estate industry - 2021 

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