Our key Industries

Clappform is active in the following industries 


Make better-informed decisions by receiving real-time information to be able to help citizens in the best possible way.  

Real estate

Get valuable insights about your assets, portfolio, and spatial environment for both commercial and residential real estate. 


Digitalize your daily operations to improve patient services, efficiency and reduce costs.  

Insurance / Finance

Receive real time information, make use of smart systems and automate processes to work more effectively.  

SMART Society

Monitor and manage all your building systems in one application and collect data to solve complex challenges cities deal with. 

Social living corporation

Clappform is active within the real estate industry at several social living corporations in the Netherlands. We have a special focus on data and analysis of the liveability and inclusion in the neigbhourhoods.  

Residential Real Estate

Use data from your residential assets to make (rental price) predictions, receive recommendations and automate and facilitate processes. 

Commercial Real Estate

Use your data’s full potential with our AI algorithms. With our commercial real estate solution, we can help you to optimize revenues from your real estate portfolio and predict maximal turnover rates. 

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